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High School ELA Home Connections


Georgia Milestones Assessments




Q & A for Parents


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Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) 



Study/Resource Guide

Ninth Grade Litereature

& Comprehension


9thhGrade Lit


Study/Resource Guide American Literature and Comprehension


Am Literature



Lexile® Information  
















Parent Guides to the Standards


 More information available at Georgia PTA or the National PTA.

High School English

PTA highSchoolENG     PTA highSchoolENGinSpanish

                                                                               English                      Spanish






From Council of the Great City Schools 


High School ELA


ParentRoadMap HS     HighSchool ELAspanish



               English                    Spanish








Resources to Help Support Your Student


Resources to help students create study

plans in order to maximize time.

Study Guides and Stratergies


Over 1600 topics in more than

15 languages.

Websites for Learning at Home


Websites for Middle School

Students for all content areas. 



WEbsites for MS






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