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Mathematics textbooks and related learning resources can be accessed digitally from home ... or anywhere! Here's how:

  • Enter the URL (site address) or click on the link
  • Log in using your student's user name and password given by your student's teacher.
  • You should see your home page.  Follow the directions there to navigate within the textbook, view assignments, and view progress reports.

If you ever run into technical difficulties, there is a HRW online help connection to serve you. You can reach them at Web Support.


You can use the QR codes, found in the hard copy edition of the text, using your smart phone to access video tutorials, homework help, and resources online.

QR Codes

Student resources, videos, and activities can also be directly accessed from the digital textbook.


Useful Websites 

There are countless websites that can provide assistance to both students and their parents. The list below is just a starting point of exploration. Some of the sites listed below will provide additional practice of identified skills through the completion of problems. Others will reinforce skills through the use of games.

  • AAA Math - Interactive math lessons
  • Algebra Lab - Great set of review questions that students can choose based on topic
  • Ask Dr. Math  homework help and formulas
  • CMP2 - This website has interactive activities. It is from the makers of CMP2 but is free to anyone to use. 
  • Cool Math Games - Math games
  • Figure This - Challenge problems
  • GeoGebra - A resource where students can create their own drawings like geometer sketchpad but there are also archived pages where other teachers have made their own drawings. For example you can find a drawing proof for the Exterior Angle Theorem.  
  • IXL - practice problems- there are a limited number you can do without needing to pay for a subscription.
  • Kahn Academy- Videos on many math topics created by teachers
  • Kuta Software - Practice worksheets
  • Learning Planet - Games and homework help
  • LearnZillion - Videos created by teachers for each standard, with explanation and practice
  • - Glossary, calculators, formulas and tables, homework help, practice and games.
  • Math Is Fun - Illustrated math dictionary
  • Math Play - Free online math games
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives– interactive activities and manipulatives for math topics
  • NCTM Illuminations -Activities 
  • Thinking Blocks - Practice problems for addition, multiplication, fractions and ratios.
  • TI Calculators - Texas Instruments website that has activities and download applications for TI calculators
  • Web Math - Resources to look through organized by topic.